Carbon Footprint Reduction - Recycle

One of the unique programs we offer on selected repairable and end of life products is our Exchange and recycling program. This program is aimed at playing our part in the elimination of the global landfill crisis.

We offer our customers the ability to send in and drop off equipment no longer needed for our full recycling services. In some instances, we will even offer you a discount or credit for other purchases or come pick it up. Equipment sent in for recycling, will be refurbished subsequently shipped to a Government of Ontario sorting facility via the Ontario Electronic Stewardship.

Our social-environmental conscience is the basis for the existence of this program. It is our combined belief that it is partially our responsibility to help future generations.  Working together to keep I.T. equipment out of Landfill and reduce our Carbon Footprint is the least we can do.

If interested in reducing your organization’s carbon footprint please contact us at 1-866-414-9303